Subterranean termites are one of the most potentially damaging insects of wooden structures in the United States. Termites will cause serious problems in your home if left untreated. 

Generally, the first sign of infestation is the presence of swarming termites on the window or near indoor light. If they are found inside the house, it almost always means that they have infested.

Other signs that may be found are termite wings on window sills or in cobwebs, and shelter tubes, which are tunnels constructed by the termites from soil or wood and debris. Usually, wood damage is not found at first, but when it is found, it definitely reveals a termite infestation.

Anywhere wood touches soil is a possible entry into a home for termites. 

Many termite problems can be prevented. The most important thing to do is to deny termites access moisture. Sources of moisture, such as roof or gutter leaks, defective plumbing can serve the termites’ needs. 

Remediation may include applying chemicals to exterminate. Treatment with pesticides involves drilling and injecting pesticides into infested timbers, as well as the topical application of toxic chemicals.

 C.B.I. will thoroughly inspect to determine if there is evidence of termites damage and/or active infestation. 

  • Inspect the foundation of the house, garage and other buildings for shelter tubes coming from the soil.
  • I will inspect closely around porches, connecting patios and sidewalks.
  • I will inspect potential high moisture areas near kitchens and bathrooms.
  • I will inspect window and door frames for termite infestation or wood decay. 
  • I will inspect for environmental conditions that are favorable for termite infestation, and advise on remediation measures.
  • Provide a written termite and W.D.O. report.

In nature, termites are beneficial insects because they return dead trees back to the soil. Unfortunately, termites do not distinguish between wood in the forest and wood in your home. Termites are considered pests when they attack structures built and inhabited by humans.  

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