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Stuart H.
Ben was my inspector and was extremely accommodating in scheduling, He took the time to explain his process and to explain issues that he identified as he went through the property. He provided a final report within 24 hours of the inspection that was easy to understand and was inclusive of all of the items that he discussed throughout the inspection process. He also provided useful information on home maintenance and inspected areas that other inspectors may not include in their process. Ben was very personable and I would recommend his services to anyone. Well worth the cost for the services provided and for the peace of mind that it provided for my first home purchase.
Very Professional and detail approach.

Alex M.

Home Inspection
Ben was prompt, knowledgeable and patient. He allowed me to follow him around the entire home inspection of 3 multi family units that were in disrepair and were occupied. He explained his findings to me and answered all of my questions. He provided a very thorough report afterwards, and answered follow up questions. He has a great personality that blends with people. The tenants were in a normally uncomfortable position with their homes being sold and expecting a new landlord, but he was able to interact with them in a way that eased their concern. I highly recommend Certified Building Inspections LLC.

Ellen M.

Verified Review
I have had several inspections done on homes over the years and this was by far the best. Ben walked through the whole house with me going over every detail in a way that I could understand. Not only was the experience of the actual inspection superb but the report was sent within 24 hours, was very organized and easy to understand. When buying a home, having a thorough inspection done is one of the most, if not the most important steps that need to be done. I would personally recommend Ben to any close family and friends or anyone I come in contact with! Definitely worth every penny. Thanks Ben!

Angela Therese T.

Verified Review
Of all the professionals, I have come in contact, Ben really seems to love his work and it shows in all aspects of his work for me. Not only that, but he also enjoys sharing what he is inspecting and what he is finding with one, a true breath of fresh air from this friendly and extremely well-trained professional. I highly recommend him and his work!

Verified Review
Very thorough and detail oriented. I consider myself pretty observant, but he looked at things I wouldn't have even considered. Was also very helpful and explained the whole process to me as I was going through the house with him and explained the type of things he was looking for.

Thumbtack Customer

(Anonymous Review)
Ben has done many home inspections for me and my clients over the years and I am always pleased. He has one of the most thorough reports I've ever seen and takes the time to go over things with buyers.

July 16, 2017

Ben Clarke is a consummate professional. Thorough home knowledge and expertise with a teachers heart. I've had the privilege to work with him dozens of times and wholeheartedly endorse him. -John Nande Associate Broker

Susan M.

Verified Review
Ben has done a fabulous time every time I have had him inspect a property for me. He is on time, very professional, and easy to understand.

C. R.

Verified Review
My clients and I have always been pleased and satisfied with Ben 's home inspections. He thoroughly goes through the property and gives a well written reports with pictures. He is honest and doesn't leave any known detail from the inspection out from being disclosed. He's also flexible with his time and destinations.

Peter F.

Verified Review
Ben is excellent. He has become my go to guy for home inspections. His pricing is reasonable. He is always on time. His work is thorough. He brings value to my business. My clients have always felt comfortable with his inspections and reports. When I need an inspection done, he is my first call.

Licensed Home Inspector Va. #3380001000 With NRS Designation. EXP 6/30/25.
Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors. 
Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association.
Certified Master Inspector. EXP. 6/30/2025.
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