Indoor Air Quality is essential to the health and well being of your homes occupants.

Indoor air quality particulate analysis:

Indoor air pollutants like mold spores, VOC's and dust mites can contribute to allergic reactions and chronic respiratory disease.

Using the latest electronic air quality analysis equipment, your home or office will be tested for airborne particulate matter at 2.5 microns. providing on site results.

A written report is produced documenting the results of the indoor air analysis, and recommendations for improvements as needed. 

Indoor Air Pollutants: 

We will test for the level of VOC's. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from a wide array of products such as paints, carpet fabrics, and disinfectants, and contribute to indoor air pollution. 

  • Utilizing electronic test equipment, we will analyze the indoor air quality for levels of: 
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen Level
  • Relative humidity level and dew point.
  • Test for Radon (Results in two days)

We will perform an Inspection of the air conditioning system, air filtration system and venting components. Recommendations for service and maintenance service as required.


Indoor Mold testing 

  • Air samples are obtained and sent to the laboratory analysis for microbial growth.

  • After incubation of the sample, you will receive a written report from the lab with information regarding the types of microbes found, and the pollutant level.

About Indoor Air Pollutants: Black mold test

Several sources of indoor air pollution are in homes, schools, and offices. Some pollutants cause health problems such as sore eyes, burning in the nose and throat, headaches, or fatigue.

Other pollutants cause or worsen allergies, respiratory illnesses (such as asthma), heart disease, cancer and other serious long-term conditions. 

To find out more about the indoor air quality of your home, you can schedule online or give me a call.



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