​​​​​​Walk and Talk Home Consultations provide you with quick professional insight.​ This is a home consultation service provided by a Certified Master home Inspector.


What is a "walk and talk" Home Consultation?

The purpose of the "walk and talk" home consultation service is to inspect the condition of the home. It is a narrative inspection service, I will answer all questions you have about the home, maximizing the limited time you have at the home. 

​In our highly competitive housing market, home buyers find themselves short on time, and waiving their home inspection service. This could be a costly mistake. Prudent home buyers should budget for a "buyers home inspection service". This home consultation service is performed by a Certified Master home Inspector.

​Certified Building Inspections will accompany you to the home showing and provide a "walk and talk" home consultation service.

  • Your licensed home inspector will walk with you through the home testing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

  • Your inspector will verbally explaining to you the current condition of the home and its major components. There is no written report.

  • Your inspector will provide an expert opinion on the current condition of the home, and reasonable life expectancy of it's major components. 

  • Your inspector will answer all of your questions and point out anything that you should know about. 

We will inspect the major components of the home including: The foundation, roof structure and roof covering, HVAC systems, electrical systems, and the Plumbing system. 

​​You can schedule your "walk and talk" home consultation service by selecting the button at the top of this page. 

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